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We've thrown traditional consulting out of the window. Our clients need smarter strategic solutions that harness the power of analytics and technology.

This inter-disciplinary approach means that our consultants are as fluent in coding or analysing gigabytes of customer data as they are formulating top-tier strategy. At Congent we're working hard to disrupt consulting in order to provide our clients with the most innovative service.



Strategy is about getting important decisions right. We combine the very latest analytical techniques to superpower our consulting skillset. This means we deliver projects faster and more comprehensively than our traditional competitors.

We work across the digital, retail, media, telecommunications, technology, healthcare, and government sectors to provide support for strategic decision-making.


Analytics isn't about drawing colourful charts or chomping through data, it's an entirely different approach to thinking about problem-solving that places data and its analysis at the centre of all critical decisions.

Increasingly our clients have so much data that is spread over various legacy systems that they struggle to generate meaningful insight. That's where we come in.


Our technological pedigree underpins our approach to strategy and analytics. All of our consultants are highly conversant in all major programming languages and bring this expertise to bear across our whole range of engagements.

In particular we specialise in business intelligence implementation and development of online analytic tools.

Our clients

How can we improve the delivery, reporting and data analysis for the Prime Minister and Cabinet?
How do we evaluate market competition and assess the likely impact of regulatory change?
How can we manage huge customer growth and build analytics systems to understand this?
How can we use big data techniques to assess channel and pipeline efficiency?
How do we use business analytics to inform organisational restructuring?
How to do we effectively integrate an acquired nutrition e-tailer? Which products should we launch?

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